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Examples of services

  1. General application for Japanese visas (representation at the Immigration Bureau for visa matters related to employment, invitation, training, and permanent residency)
  2. Tourist visas and business visas
  3. Obtaining Japanese citizenship/naturalization
  4. Family (international marriages/divorces, spouses, parents, parent and child, inheritance/wills and testaments)
  5. Establishing companies
  6. Permission to operate and account keeping
  7. Others (overstays, legal issues, consultation for foreigners with any difficulties)

I. Japanese Visas: 28 different types in total

Visa Who may enter and stay in Japan on this visa.
Diplomat Diplomatic personnel, consular personnel°Ęchiefs of state, cabinet members and family members of the above.
Official Individuals assigned/dispatched by foreign governments and international organizations. Their families.
Professor University professors, assistant professors, and instructors.
Artist Musical composers, painters, poets, sculptors and other fine art artists
Religious Priests, missionaries, preachers, pastors/ministers, and monks.
Journalist Press writers, investigative writers, news camera operators
Investor/Business Manager Company managers (presidents, CEOs, factory directors, store managers)
Legal/Accounting Foreign lawyers and public accountants licensed in Japan.
Medical Services Physicians, dental physicians, health nurses, maternity nurses, and pharmacists.
Researcher Researchers employed by government organizations or private corporations.
Instructor Elementary, intermediate, and high school teachers
Engineer System engineers and automobile design engineers.
Humanities Specialist/International Services Salespersons/marketers, vendors, traders, translators/interpreters, language instructors, persons doing overseas related business, and designers.
Inter-company Transferee Persons transferred to Japan from their foreign workplace.
Entertainer Dancers, singers, and professional sports athletes.
Skilled Labor Cooks, product manufacturers, sommeliers (wine evaluators), and sports instructors.
Cultural Activities Individuals to learn Judo, Japanese archery,ikebana, or the way of tea.
Short Stays
(Temporary Visitor)
Sightseers, visitors of friends or relatives, tourists, or attendees of events like meetings.
Study Abroad
(College Student)
University, college, or vocational school students.
(Pre-college Student)
Students to attend Japanese school, or high school.
Trainee Trainees to attain skills, qualifications, or knowledge.
Family Visits
Family members of persons qualified to work in Japan (spouses/children).
Designated Activities Servants/helpers, persons on working holiday or in internships.
Permanent Residents Individuals that have received permission from the Department of Justice to reside permanently.
Spouse or Child of a Japanese National Spouses, children, or adopted children of Japanese nationals.
Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident Spouses of permanent or special permanent residents.
Long Term Resident Third-generation descendants of Japanese ancestry, foreigners with custody of children and children from previous marriage.
Special Permanent Residents Koreans etc in Japan.

≠∂. Key points for establishing a company

  1. That the founder is able to created a company in the same manner as Japanese company founders are able.
  2. That a company can be created entirely by one individual.
  3. The individual must have a recorded address in Japan.
  4. The company must pay \70,000 in tax for one year regardless of the company°«s negative earnings. Family (international marriages/divorces, spouses, parents, parent and child, inheritance/wills and testaments)
  5. Start-up costs may be as little as \1.
    * Some kinds of \1 start-up companies that require permission to operate (like travel companies) may be judged to not be profitable, continuous, or stable enough. Permission will not be granted for these and other kinds of companies.
    * In some cases the Immigration Bureau will not issue a visa if your \1 company is judged to lack profitability, continuity, or stability.